Rise & Shine Montessori

What is discipline?

The word “discipline” is derived from the word “disciple”. The disciple is one who follows the teachings and examples of another. Thus, discipline is something adults do with and for childrenrather than something done to children to help them make desirable choices.

why do we discipline?

Our society is governed by rules as to what is an appropriate way to conduct oneself.  The intention of discipline is to understand and practice making acceptable choices.  Songs, stories, discussion and modelling politeness are a practical and meaningful way to achieve this goal.  With repeated guidance and gentle reminders over time, children become aware of proper etiquette and develop self-control, acquire confidence and thus ultimately treat themselves, as well as others, with respect and kindness.  

We all have a need to feel loved, worthwhile, respected and accepted for who we are.

How do we discipline?

Here at Rise & Sine we consistently use the works of Dr. Thomas GordonAdel Faber and Elaine Mazlish as well as Barbara Colorosso in our discipline techniques.

Rise & Shine believes in

  • Praise and encouragement and high-fives through the day.
  • Using redirection to focus attention away from inappropriate activity.
  • Setting realistic goals, expectations and consequences for the child’s developmental level.
  • Allowing children to learn from their mistakes without the label of failure.
  • Using active listening skills and “I messages” to express our thoughts and feelings.
  • Discussing and labelling our feelings whether positive or negative and using art and music to display our emotions so they are expressed appropriately.
  • Being good role models for children to follow and learn from.
  • Using songs that teach us to mind our manners, respect others and love ourselves.

Under no circumstances will any child ever be subjected to any physical punishment, verbal or emotional abuse or denial of physical necessities, love and comfort.