Rise & Shine Montessori

Parents are provided with a program of study for their child. A curriculum outline with all of the center’s activities is emailed regularly to keep you informed. All the children’s work is organized in his/her own individual book cubby which is accessible to parents as well.

Reading, Writing, Mathematics

Traditional subjects are taught all through the year at each child’s own level.
  • Our Language Arts program has a strong phonics base, encouraging reading skills and literacy.

  • Mathematics concepts are taught beginning with basic number skills progressing on to Kumon and Montessori-based Mathematics concepts (includes geometry, graphing, sets and other concepts).
These subjects and all Montessori activities are taught individually to ensure quality teaching/learning time with the teacher.

Themes & Explorations

This dynamic part of our study program focuses on biweekly/monthly themes. Themes are either teacher-introduced or child-led. Through books, music, stories, drama, art and science our children gain a solid foundation of the world around us. We get ready for a new adventure every few weeks with topics such as Space, Dinosaurs, Animals, Birds, Seasons, Our Bodies, Art Appreciation and so on.

Explorations are inspired by the theories of Reggio Emilia, Loose Parts and Small World Play. Through explorations children learn about our world with beautiful and intriguing materials. Manipulating these materials and discovering the world through their senses sets the stage for investigation, critical thinking and experimentation- giving children the freedom of creativity. Small worlds are created, such as Rainforest World, with appropriate animals, flora and fauna for the children to explore, inviting conversations, interactions, collaborations and innovation—highly valued skills in the workplace today.

Group Activities

There is a balance every day in how children spend their time: individual learning, small group activities and large group activities. Social interaction and discussion are an integral part of all group activities such as Music, Drama, Literature, Art, Science, Social Studies, Math Concepts and games. Children are encouraged to apply and express their ideas, building knowledge and life skills whilst having fun.

Meditation and Yoga: In order to help our children with the practice of being present and mindful, we spend a few minutes every morning moving through yoga poses and then sitting for meditation. The children focus on happy thoughts and breathing while listening to calming music.

Outside Play

The children have outside playtime with games and activities every day. Our partially covered playground offers opportunities for exercise and fresh air all year round.

Snacks and Lunch

Our snack menu is planned by a Registered Dietician. We have a strict “NO JUNK FOOD” policy. Anything with sugar as its first ingredient is not permitted. We offer the children a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, nuts and dairy products as part of our snack plan and have a special diet for children allergic to any of the foods on our menu.

Snack is served at 9:30AM and 4:00PM. The children bring their own lunches which are refrigerated at the center and then microwaved ready for lunch time at 12 pm.