Rise & Shine Montessori

Rise & Shine Montessori is licensed as a Group Child Care Center for children 2 ½ years to 6 years age. The Center is bright, clean, spacious and a safe school environment within the comfort of a home.  

Our school is inspected on a regular basis by a Licensing Officer from the Richmond Health Department and complies with all the rules and regulations of the Child Care Licensing Act. Designed to provide a home-away-from-home, yet school-like experience, the Center has three main learning areas for the children as well as a spacious, safe outdoor play area.

Main Classroom

Teaching materials in the main classroom are organized into learning areas such as language/literature, sensory play, science, math and so on.  The emphasis is on creating a naturally comfortable and practical environment with baskets, wood, rocks, plants, lamps, ceramic dishes, a cozy reading corner, large, shag rug and fluffy pillows.  This kind of aesthetically pleasing environment creates joy, security and the love associated with the sense of “home away from home,” into the children’s daily lives.

Art Area

The art area is a separate space for creating, exploring and practical life activities as well as a place to relax and read for parents as well as children.

Relaxing Nap Room

The extra large, relaxing nap room has an “under the sea” theme, where the children love to nestle and gather and snuggle with their stuffed animals at quiet time as they drift off to sleep while listening to stories and classical music. This room also doubles as a gym and music and movement room and a movie theatre.


The large, sunny playground, enclosed by lush greenery, emulates a park-like setting that welcomes adventure as well as exercise with climbing equipment, swings, a castle, basketball pad and bikes. The “island” and “bike road” are covered, making outdoor play and fresh air accessible all year round. On the island, the children are free to build and leave their creations for as long as they wish. The playground is fully fenced and totally secure.